VA Police National Forum

Here is a place you can go to gather and share important information and collaborate on better ways to perform our duties as VA Police professionals!  All active VA Police employees are encouraged to sign up and be active in this critical resource for online collaboration!

The old saying goes “If you’ve been to one VA, you’ve been to ONE VA” goes by the wayside when everybody shares information and gains insight as to how other stations deal with issues and share stories of success and challenges with just about everything you can imagine. 

When you sign up, you MUST use your REAL first and last name (no trolls or snipers allowed to hide behind monikers, as the forum demands honest accountability for your words in the interest for positive collaboration), and also your VA email address for verification that you are in fact an active VA Police Service employee (for the same reason).

Sign up now and join the positive environment of collaboration and information sharing!  Go to


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