email@VAPolice.NET – THIS IS TOO COOL!

So you have your Outlook email account, to which you have no access whatsoever while you are not physically at your facility. For your private email, you may have some free (albeit useful) email address or or, etc, but everything after the @ symbol screams “FREEBIE”. You may even use the email service provided to you by your Internet Service Provider (and you go through the whoile “change of address” routine when you move or leave that ISP). Why not sport an email account that says something about you. While getting solid and reliable email service (provisioned through Google/Gmail), you can have an exclusive email account, and as a bonus, you also get an additional nickname for the same account (so you could have and your long-standing nickname , i.e., for the same account mailbox)!

The email service is exclusive branded, complete with great features like online calendars, online document and spreadsheet storage and collaboration features, and ONLINE CHAT with other members.

The Calendar is, in the opinion of many, better than Outlook because you can even have it send you txt message reminders to your cellphone or email reminders to whichever email address you choose! That is a far cry better than a pop-up dialogue box sitting on your desktop while you are out of the office not seeing it!

How about the email service? Web-based AND pop/smtp access via your most popular email clients such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc.. (Most VA facilities block the pop and smtp ports, so the web-based email access is best for use within your VA facility – it does work very well), and here is the icing on the cake: our email service IS ACCESSIBLE FROM A CELLPHONE with mobile web service!! An example: my carrier (Verizon) charges me $5.00 a month for mobile web access, but they would charge me $15.00 a month for email service (providing your email provider was compatible with their email sync service). I simply use my mobile web service, go to my email account, which I have set as a favorite on my phone’s web browser, and read, send, receive, etc right from my phone! NO HASSLE!

Check out these screenshots:

MobileWeb on Cellphone
First, go to your MobileWeb Browser

VAPolice.NET Email on Cellphone

Then, Open (save it as a favorite), and you have full access to your VAPolice.NET Email account!! This works on any cellphone which has MobileWeb type of service, which is MOST on the market today! It doesn’t require a fancy high-dollar phone!

Additionally, services are BLACKBERRY COMPATIBLE!

The fees for email accounts are ridiculously low – only NADA,ZIP,ZERO a YEAR!! The price will NEVER go up, but the services will only get better with more participation! The standard email account will come with a 8GB mailbox right off the bat, Calendar, online Document & Spreadsheet management and online Chat with other VA Police members.

You MUST be an active police officer with the Veterans Affairs Police. For verification, you must submit your full name, station and your VAMC Police Service phone # to

Send an email to with the required verification information, as well as what exactly you want before the @ symbol in your email address. Remember, you get TWO names for your mailbox! You aren’t required to use both, and you can always have the nickname added , changed or deleted at a later time. Upon receipt of this information and verification, you will receive your login and temporary password, as well as a multitude of other information for you to maximize your shiny new account. You must change your password upon first login, and if you forget it, the resetting or retrieval is within your control, as we have no control of your account or account settings other than lock or delete. Once you receive your login and password, you are ready to roll!

Yes, all of this for FREE. This is a non-profit website, however it’s not free to operate, but I take care of that so you can have this resource free of charge. I was going to charge a meager $3.99 per YEAR for the accounts,or place a “donate” option on here, but that would create a myriad of obstacles for me and all potential recipients of this great service (one of which, being I don’t care to do some ‘splaining to OIG about possibly pulling a profit from the name).


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