Welcome to your one-stop-cop-shop, exclusively for the finest police department in America – the Veterans Affairs Police. How often do you see somebody at the LETC in Arkansas sporting some nifty apparel or gadget with the VA Police logo, patch or badge on it, only to wonder “Where do I score one of THOSE??”
Well this is your single-source website to find the vendors and nifty gear you’ve been looking for (as well as those things you didn’t know existed, but now MUST HAVE).
The success and thoroughness of this website will depend on YOU and YOUR COLLEAGUES sending in information to add to the collection. The more info I get, the better this site will be for all of us!
Send information on your submission (item description, unit price, quantity limitations or minimums, vendor contact information, and preferably, photos) to admin@vapolice.net .

** PREMIER VENDOR: Justice Systems Press **

Click on “The Gear” link within the header menu and check out the newest hot item designed exclusively for the VA Police.  Fresh off the press – the
VA Police Guide to the Federal Criminal Code

This pocket reference guide is a must-have for any VA Police officer – at any level!

Comments will also be allowed in some areas. This website does not offer an open forum for VA Police stories – there are plenty of those out there, but if you want a PRODUCTIVE and RESOURCEFUL forum, the only choice is VA POLICE NATIONAL FORUM (USVAPD.COM).  The living, breathing forum will allow any VA Police officer (at any level) the benefit of wisdom through communication with many veterans of the VA Police across the nation. I’ve searched high and low, finding no better source. 

So where’s the cool stuff?
Click on “THE GEAR!” link on the top of the website for the growing collection of specialty items available from various vendors.

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